Hello!  We are excited to see you!
March 23rd, 2013
Aloha Dear Friends and Family

We are so excited to celebrate with you! It is absolutely crazy how fast the day is approaching! If you are coming from out of town we’ve put together a few items that might make the trip easier for you. We also wanted to make sure we shared a few of our favorite spots that we know you will love if you have time to check them out!


March 23rd, 2013


Shuttle Bus pick up at:
Gold Canyon Golf Resort
6100 South Kings Ranch Road
Gold Canyon, AZ 85218

(Yes.. we know 4:00 is a little early - but we want to make sure if anyone else needs to be picked up there is enough time worked in for multiple trips.)

*If you are staying in Gold Canyon or live in the Phoenix area , we encourage you to take the shuttle bus or carpool to the wedding site - as parking is somewhat limited.
From Gold Canyon, it is a 15 minute drive to the wedding site. If you are staying in Downtown Phoenix - it's a 50 minute drive to Ellen's Parents House.


The Ceremony begins, followed by
Spirits, Dinner & Dancing

* A Note About Food *
If you have any dietary restrictions, or food allergies, please let us know so we can accomodate!


The Early Bird shuttle departs for Gold Canyon


The Night Owl shuttle departs for Gold Canyon

** Attire: Festive **
Ladies: be aware that the ground is rock & gravel, so you might want to think about that when chosing the perfect shoe.
(We discourage spikey heels, sadly)

*** A Note About Parking ***
Please feel free to park along side the road anywhere you can find parking. Our aforementioned van will driving up & down the street picking guests up and giving them a lift to the wedding. The van will also be available to return you to your car later in the evening- except during the pre-scheduled "Early-Bird" & "Night Owl" departure times.


Sleep Tight

To be honest - there are not a ton of accomodation options in Apache Junction.
We recommend The Gold Canyon Golf Resort - It is where we will be staying the evening of the Wedding (afterparty!!) -
or the The Best Western - which is just a hop, skip away from the Golf Resort.

If you would like to stay at the Gold Canyon Golf Resort - we have blocked a limited number of rooms for our guests.
The resort has given us a small discount & you'll see the prices below.  Just let them know you are part of the Laux-Woodcock party.

Casita with a King Bed - $148
Casita with 2 Queen Beds - $166
Casita with a King Bed & Jacuzzi - $188

If you are planning on staying at the Golf Resort, you must call and reserve your room using the contact information below. If you call the front desk- or try to book online, they will tell you the hotel is completely booked. There are only 7 rooms still available as of February 8th & they are all King/Jacuzzi options.


**We have arranged transportation to the wedding and back to the Golf Resort all evening!**

** We are also working on scheduling a van pickup / drop off for our guests who are staying at the Best Western. If you have booked a room at the Best Western, please email us & let us know so we can make sure we arrange transportation for you if you like.


If you plan on staying in Downtown Phoenix - where John & Ellen live - there are a ton of great places to set up base.

Below are good places to start:

The Palomar Hotel - A new boutique hotel in Downtown Phoenix. Their pool & roofdeck are beautiful. Plus - it's right in the middle of downtown.
Hotel San Carlos - A historic hotel in Downtown Phoenix. There is a ton of history in this place.. some even claim it's haunted!
The Clarendon - A little bit North of Downtown - this boutique hotel houses one of our favorite restaurants in the the city, Gallo Blanco. The decor is that perfect effortless, mid century modern, and the pool area is totally beautiful! Oh - and did we mention they have a roof deck..

If the above options aren't quite doing it for you - maybe you should check out: AirBnB - A great website that helps you find vaction rentals at any budget
or email us & we would be more than happy to help you find a place to stay!

Maps and Directions

Maps & Directions

Dan & Kris Laux have generously opened up their home for both the wedding ceremony & reception.
(yess this is where Ellen & her sister, Olivia, grew up)

580 South Prospectors Road
Apache Junction, Arizona 85119

If you are traveling to the ceremony from Phoenix - these directions will get you here.

If you are arriving from Gold Canyon - or further East - these are the directions you need.

Local Haunts

Our Favorite Spots

for Coffee

Three Boxes


This is our spot! It is right down the street from where we live - plus the coffee is always excellent. They have this home-made whipped cream that is infused with espresso - and it is the best stuff ever. The atmosphere is really great too. Sunny - bright - and buzzing.


Serious - Lux is beautiful. Mid-Century, Industrial-esq, Effortlessly Mis-Matched. Out of all the coffee shops anywhere - I think it is place that bests fits our aesthetic. The coffee is excellent too - plus they serve lunch, dinner, and drinks as well.


Oy - Cartel is another one of our favorite coffee shops. Cartel sees coffee as a science - or maybe an art - always searching for the perfect pull of espresso. Cartel also has location in Tempe, and Scottsdale if you find yourself in either of those parts of town.

for Getting Out

Three Boxes


One of Phoenix's most picture-esq escapes. The best part is that you don't have to drive out of town to enjoy it.

Frank Loyd Wright's
Taliesin West

The Western Outpost for FLW's Taliesin School. If you are a fan of archetecture and design this is a must see.

Oak Creek

Just 2 hours outside of Phoenix proper - the Sedona Red Rock is one of Arizona's most beautiful places.

Three Boxes

Lost Dutchman Park

Just 15 minutes from the wedding Location - Ellen grew up visting this park often. The aw-inspiring views of the mountain are really, really beautiful - especially at sunset. Oh - and if you stop into Gold Field Ghost Town - you can visit the rattle snake den.

The Grand Canyon

Well this is embarrassing to admit - but I (Ellen) have never been to the Grand Canyon (as of November, 2012). I'm hoping John takes me for my birthday this year - because I admit - it is a little nuts that an Arizona Native has not been to one of the most famous natural landmarks in the world.


One of Arizona's quaint, historic towns. Bisbee is a well-known artist's community whose architectural and historic heritage has been preserved. A perfect stop on a day trip - or stay a bit longer & crash at The Shady Dell - a boutique hotel whose rooms are individual air stream trailers from era's past.

for Shopping

Three Boxes

Last Chance

Ellen's favorite Local Haunt. Owned by Nordstrom, most of the items returned to the store end up here. If you have the patience to hunt - this is the place to score designer at a serious discount.

Vintage & Thrift

In Downtown Phoenix, off 7th Avenue between Indian School and Camelback there is a slew of great vintage & thrift shops. Or just ask!


Scottsdale Fashion Square has just about every store you might be looking for... and more.

for Eating

Three Boxes


One of our favorite pizza places in downtown Phoenix, Cibo dishes up perfect crust, topped with fresh local ingrediants. If your up for the bonus round, order a dessert crepe.

Gallo Blanco

Like Mexican food that tastes good?
Gallo Blanco is a culinary experience that offers a great happy hour and some of the best signiture cocktails in town. Go with John's Favorite. The El Julio.

The Windsor

Another restaurant from the owners of Postino. This place cooks Southern food the way it is supposed to be cooked. With Love. If you go, order the fried okra as your side entree. You won't regret it.

Three Boxes


Oh man - yum. Postino is a wine bar that is usually buzzing with locals. It's hard to top a great wine list, coupled with tasty food. Happy hour is everyday until 5pm!

La Condesa

An unassumming taco spot in Phoenix that packs so much flavor! And on top of their delicious street-style tacos, and burritos, made with the highest quality of ingredients, their salsa bar features over 12 house made salsas.

St Francis

Localy sourced, fresh, comfort food is what you can expect at St Francis. It's one of our favorite spots because not only is the food incredible, but the ambiance is perfect too. Effortless, but thoughtful - and a friendly staff doesn't hurt either.

Three Boxes


I think this is our second favorite pizza place - but it's a very close second. An offshoot of the famous New York pizzeria, John and I try to stop in whenever we are in Scottsdale.

The Cornish Pasty

There really isn't anything quite like this place. A pasty is a savory, buttery, pastry that is stuffed with filling, and then baked to perfection. The fillings range from the traditional Bangers & Mash to Chicken Tikka Masala.

Thai Basil

One of our favorite thai haunts in Tempe. We used to frequent this place so much that they still remember our names and what we order. Everything is yummy!

for Drinking

Three Boxes


A great spot in downtown phoenix for specialy cocktails, a beer, a menu that goes beyond the culinary expectations of a bar - and the chance to check out a band (national & local) passing through Phoenix.

Four Peaks

Probably the most popular, local brewery in Phoenix. They're known for their kiltlifter - but really everything is worth a try - and if you can't make it to the brewery - you can pick it up at most local grocery store.s


Just what you would expect from an Irish bar. Unpretentious, clean- but not tidy, tin ceilings, guinness on draft, and live music on most weekends. When ever we go we have a blast.


It all started 10 years ago...

I wanted to share the story of how we met ten years ago. Many of you already know it.. but I will warn those that don't.. our story is a little vomit inducing adorable.

It was the summer of 2002 when I first met Ellen. Both of us had been convinced by friends that we should definitely go to the United Methodist Mingus Mountain Summer Camp that year, and that “Everyone”, was again, Definitely Going...

I soon realized as I got on the church van that everyone, in fact, was not going to summer camp that year. As a matter of fact, the only person in my social circle that was in the van was Amy Baum. That was like 1 person out of the 15 people who definitely confirmed they were going...

Fast Forward. I arrived at camp, checked into my cabin, and headed down to the dining hall to see who else showed up, to what I saw as a very, very, long week ahead. Sitting down by the volleyball courts, where some “hot blondes” were playing volleyball. I turned to a friend and said, “Who’s that chick?” He responded, “mmmm not sure, pretty sure they were here last year... I think I remember them being stuck up...” I laughed and smiled, then got up and walked straight toward the girls and introduced himself. “Hi, I’m John” the girls turned and replied, “Hey! Im Erica” the other “Hi, I’m Ellen.”

That was the first time I met Ellen. I'll never forget it. Her blue eyes just blew me away, and I remember she was wearing a Toms Drive Thru T-Shirt- and I just remember thinking, "This chick looks like a surfer girl. Surfer Girls Are Hot.”

It was from that point that I never let her out of my sight. I would never let her go to far without tagging along behind her. If she was getting put in a group for a game, I made damn sure I was in that group. If she was sitting at a table for dinner, I was going to sit at that table, She played hard to get of course.. but not for too long.

We were lucky that for the first week of our 'relationship' all we got to do was hang out and get to know eachother... watching movies, playing ping pong, hitting rocks in the middle of the meadow with baseball bats, and of course sneaking kisses whenever no-one was looking.

I remember thinking, “I had found the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with...”

I know it's crazy.. but I just knew.

Love, John Carlos

#323forevaeva Instagram Our Wedding

We've been documenting our wedding using Instagram! We'd love it if you would take photos on the day of the wedding, or on your flight, or in your hotel, or something that reminds you of us - or whatever!! Just add the hashtag #323forevaeva & they'll all show up below!!

Bridal Party

The Ladies

  • Olivia Laux - Maid of Honor & Sister
  • Jenifer O'Dowd - Bridesmaid & John's Sister
  • Tovah Woodcock - Bridesmaid & Sister-in-Low
  • Karolina Bernat - Bridesmaid & Bestie
  • Kristen Kendall - Bridesmaid & Bestie
  • Leslie Hajicek - Bridesmaid & Bestie
  • Kris Laux - Mother of the Bride
  • Amanda Woodcock - Mother of the Groom
  • Carmen Laux - Grandmother of the Bride

  • & Gents

  • Aaron Kuck - Best Man & Bestie
  • Brandon Woodock - Groomsman & Brother
  • Robert Woodcock - Groomsman & Brother
  • John O'Dowd - Groomsman & Brother-in-Kaw
  • Guillermo Monge - Groomsman & Bestie
  • Jacob Knudsen - Groomsman & Bestie (He turns 30 the day before the wedding! Make sure to tell him Happy Birthday!!)
  • Dan Laux - Father of the Bride
  • Greg Woodcock - Father of the Groom
  • Dan Orr - Grandfather of the Bride

  • -----
    Thank you is not enough -----

    There are so many people that have helped make the wedding come together that we would really like to take a moment to say a few thank you's.

    Mom & Dad (Kris & Dan) - thank you for hosting our wedding at your home, spending countless hours picking up the back yard, planting flowers, scouring thrift stores, pinning inspiration images, picking out music, and everything else you've done to make our wedding possble! We're so lucky that everytime we visit your home we'll have amazing memories of the wedding all around us.

    Liv - You and John are the most important people in my life. The friendship you share with John -simply put- makes me so happy. Thank you for being there when he proposed, helping us imagine this whole wedding, and soon - standing next to us as we offically jump into the next story of our lives.

    Tommy - words cannot express how grateful I am to you for making my wedding dress. Throughout the entire process you've made me feel incredibly special. You always said the right thing - and went above and beyond to make sure everything was completely perfect.

    Kristen - I asked you on a whim to make a few of your beautiful tables for the wedding, and I am so grateful that not only did you say 'Yes,' but you made 10 of them! You are so incredibly talented - the pride you take in your craft show in everything you do. Oh and! Mini Plug- Kristen is selling the tables after the wedding - let us know if you would love one for your home!

    Andi - The bridal shower you hosted with Olivia at your home was so incredibly perfect. Thank you for opening up your home and putting so much effort into making perfect. John and I are lucky to count you as a friend.

    Anthony - Thank you for doing us the honor of marrying John and I. We are competely blessed to have you as the minister for our ceremony. Your friendship means the world to me and I am so happy you are part of our lives.

    Brandon - Thank you so much for planning Johns Bachelor Party and being there for demolition, shopping, and all the buttoning up of details.

    Greg and Amanda (Mom & Dad) - Thanks for throwing us our rehersal dinner and hosting the after wedding brunch. I love you two so much.

    Our Greatest Flans - Jennifer, Brandon, Robert, Tovah, Olivia, Kristen, Kris, and Amanda. Our Engagement party was the celebration of the century and no one could have made a backyard bbq look more mesmerizing and beautiful than you did.

    And finally to all those that attended our Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party, and our Nuptials - Seriously, John and I feel so incredibly loved. Our favorite thing about getting married is how often we get to celebrate with all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being part of our lives together.